What to Wear

The number one question I get when clients book is, what do we wear?  

I totally get it.

Trying to dress the entire family to coordinate can be stressful. I'm here to help!

Tip #1 Dress yourself first! 

Choose your outfit first! Pick something that makes you feel confident. Something that flatters your body type. Whether it be a dress, or an awesome pair of jeans and  your favorite top.  Whatever you pick, as long as you feel confident, it will show in your photos! 

Tip #2 Coordinate your color palette. 

Now that you have your outfit, start thinking what colors would go best with it. Try to stick to 2-3 colors, then choose neutrals if needed.  Have your family coordinate, rather than match each other.  Don't be afraid of a bold color! They pop in your photos, and you will love it! 

Tip #3  Be careful with bold patterns. 

Keep it simple.  Try to stay away from distracting patterns like bold stripes, or logos. However, don't be afraid to add in some patterns. You may not want everyone in the same pattern, but mixing up patterns and solids is a great choice.  Don't forget to layer! Layering adds more texture to the photos.  It could be an added belt, a necklace, scarf, vest etc etc. 

Tip # 4  Keep it Classic.

These photos will be treasured forever.  Choose outfits that will stand the test of time. Keep it classic. Try to stay away from super trendy clothing. 

Tip # 5 Don't Stress.

Don't stress! Don't feel like you need to go on an expensive shopping spree for your photos! Try to keep it simple, think of the items you already own in all your closets. 

Tip # 6 Take a deep breath, You got this!